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Share The Meal

Produced at Facebook, Berlin

The World food program knows that, by reaching just the classic donation audiences they will NOT be able to meet their ambitious goal of achieving ZERO WORLD HUNGER in our lifetime. So ShareTheMeal has the challenge of reaching a new audience in a new way,  increasing the frequency of donations and maximize app installs. Above all, staying relevant to our main audience, Millennials, so that WFP’s vision, of ending world hunger, can become reality.


Nominated for The Webby Award

The ShareTheMeal team, in collaboration with Facebook's Creative Shop and the young creatives from the Creative Shop EMEA Miami Ad School Lab, developed the idea: "CAMERA GIVING: ShareTheMeal for real" to make people´s share count. Now even when someone is showing off, they can do good by making a donation alongside their post. The story here, is about going beyond just doing an amazing mobile campaign. It is about actually changing your product by leveraging insights from social media platforms to achieve greater impact and become newsworthy again. Based on that, ShareTheMeal became a camera first app and stayed relevant to their audiences by launching "CAMERA GIVING" with an awareness campaign on August 19th, World Humanitarian & Photography day, followed up by app install and re-engagement campaigns targeted to custom audiences overlapping donation intent, food and photography interests. And the results speak for itself:


- Over 4 Million meals (and counting) shared so far.

- 40% overall growth in donations.

- The video “A recipe of nothing” got about 400k views in the first weekend just on organic.

- The sport stars José Mourinho & Kaká + almost 100 other influencers shared the meal for real

- Apple featured ShareTheMeal among “Hot this week” in many App Stores, including UK, Germany, Italy, Spain. - And almost all reviews have 5 stars right after the launch.

- Apple also put the App on the top banner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And featured it in many other countries as "hot this week", in the weeks after the launch.

- Google featured it globally at their Play Store in the New and Updated Apps.

Campaign Credits: 

Art Directors: Pradhan Thandra, Ryan Leckie, Gabriela Shigihara

Copywriter: Pam Boschma

Creative Director: Lucio Regner

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