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We've been zapped

Frank Zappa is considered one of the most innovative rock musicians ever. I just saw an old video of him talking about the music industry. He said people always ask him why music was better in the sixties and seventies. He said: I’ll tell you why.

We then had fat old guys with cigars who didn’t know anything about music and didn’t care. We came to them with a new sound. They said: “I don’t like it, but I hate this shit anyway; maybe the kids will like it. Try it. If it sells, we’ll go with it. If it doesn’t, we’ll can it.” So what happened was lots of experimental stuff got made, lots of new sounds you never heard before. But then they began hiring young guys who liked the music and thought they knew all about it. If we came up with something new, these young guys would say, “I don’t like it, and I know a lot about music. We’re not putting that record out. Go and do something I like.”

And that’s what’s ruined the music industry. You’ve got people who think they know and believe they are experts. So they kill everything that doesn’t conform to their opinion. That’s why everything sounds the same these young guys are everywhere now.

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